Lucerne Residential Solar Panels

While the first solar panels were invented in the 1950s, it took a while for them to become popularized and affordable for the average Lucerne homeowner.

There are a lot of benefits to installing solar panels, most notably, the environmental ones. For homeowners looking to lower their carbon footprint and help out the planet, solar panels are the ideal addition to their property and lifestyle.

At Cinran Electrical Solutions, we’ve been educating ourselves on these miracle power sources since they arrived on the market, and we pride ourselves in being able to install them for our clients efficiently and affordably. Give us a call today to get started!

Why Solar Panels?

If you’re considering installing a residential solar power system on your home, how will you benefit from it? Whether your motivation is financial or ecological, there are a lot of great points to consider.

Save Money

In Lucerne, electricity bills can be steep. Think about how much you spend monthly on your electrical, and then imagine only paying half of that! While solar panels are not, as some think, completely free—they’re as close as you can get.

Save the Environment

Solar energy companies use the environment as their main platform for promoting solar energy. And everything that you’ve heard is true. Solar panels won’t produce harmful emissions. The process is completely clean and renewable and works with natural resources.

Solar panel installation will also reduce water pollution. Operation requires no water and nothing from your solar panels will run back into Lucerne water resources.

Best of all, your home solar installation will get you a guaranteed return on investment. Saving money on energy bills, help out the environment, and raise the value of your home. What could be better? Solar installation is not an expense, but rather an investment into the future.

The Cost of Solar Panel Installation

At Cinran Electrical Solutions we aim to keep our pricing competitive, and because of this, providing precise estimates can be difficult. Residential solar panel installation has a wide range, considering every home and client is different.

While you can expect to pay an average of $2.87-$3.85 per watt, pricing depends very much on the size of panels and quantity. A full system could be as low as $10,000, or as high as $32,800.

But it’s important to keep in mind that you could be the recipient of tax credits if you choose to go solar!

Superior Solar Systems

At Cinran Electrical Solutions we love being able to help our clients to save money and help keep the environment healthy. By installing a clean energy source for your home, you can feel good about using electrical appliances and heating your home.

The sun is a major energy source, and using its rays is the most natural thing we could be doing!

Do you have a home in Lucerne that could use some solar power? Give Cinran Electrical Solutions a call today, and we’ll set you up with a free estimate for your solar power installation in no time!